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Force Awakening Storm Trooper 1/6 Star Wars [Pre-Owned]


�EEEEE¿½EEE�EEEEE¿½EEE�EEEEE¿½EEE The state rank specified in our store will be the standard of our store to the last. 

�EEEEE¿½EEE�EEEEE¿½EEE�EEEEE¿½EEE The size listed is measured flat. Please understand some errors. 

�EEEEE¿½EEE�EEEEE¿½EEE�EEEEE¿½EEE Because the number of images is limited, damage is displayed from the one with the highest priority and the one with the highest degree.

�EEEEE¿½EEE�EEEEE¿½EEE�EEEEE¿½EEE We try to be as clear as possible, but all explanations are difficult, so there may be damage that is not listed.

�EEEEE¿½EEE�EEEEE¿½EEE�EEEEE¿½EEE Please consider after confirming all images (up to 11 images) and comments on the condition. 

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